Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band

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Genuine Leather Real Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band

What is Carbon Fiber?

Simply put, carbon fiber is a super-strong fabric that's used to make diverse products, where light-weight, strength and modern looks are valued. Some examples would be Formula One, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, yachts, MotoGP, and even items from luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Montblanc and more.

Our Apple Watch band is made of the highest quality and is sure to give you a touch of style and exclusivity.

⁃ Made with real carbon fiber and black leather

⁃ Carbon fiber is processed in a unique way that keeps it flexible

⁃ Thin band design so it's as comfortable and flexible on your wrist

  • Compatible with iWatch Series 1-6
carbon fiber apple watch band
  • Elegant, Minimalist, Sleek, Lightweight Design.

carbon fiber iwatch band
  • Genuine Leather, Made from 100% Real Carbon Fiber

  • Modern, High-Tech Look

carbon fiber band
  • Next Generation Luxury Material

carbon fiber iwatch band all black
  • Custom Stitching Available in Red, Blue, Orange and Black.

carbon fiber for apple watch


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