'UNIV RED' Low Sneaker Slippers

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'UNIV RED' Low Sneaker Slippers


Our Sneaker Slippers are only available in 1 Size. 

Our 'UNIV RED' Low Sneaker Slippers will fit ALL Sizes from 5.5 to size 11. (US Adult)

Our specially designed Sneaker Slippers are made with a special plush foam that will hug your feet whether you are a size 5.5 all the way up to a size 11.

Materials: Ultra Soft Plush - 100% Polyester

*One size fits most

sneaker slippers
  • Premium plush stuffing for a luxurious yet lightweight feel
slippers that look like sneakers
  • The velvety fleece upper provides ultimate warmth and comfort while the inner cotton keeps feet cool at all times. 
    sneaker slippers

    • Soft Foam Inner sole provides ultimate cushioning while the beaded outer sole adds necessary grip and traction.

    dunk sneaker slippers
    red sneaker slippers
    sneaker slippers

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