Best Airpod Cases in 2020

Best Airpod Cases in 2020

The AirPods are another Apple accessory that have spurred a cottage industry of more accessories. Here are some of our top picks.

Why do you need an accessory for an accessory? Well, when it's one of the most popular products around like Apple's Airpods, it tends to create its own accessory ecosystem, complete with supplementary cases and other add-ons that help overcome minor shortcomings that may be major for some people. 

Here's a quick look at some of our top picks of AirPod Cases, based on my own hands-on experience with each product mentioned over the past few weeks and months. They're mostly cases and earbud enhancements, with a few other interesting things I've found.

Note: Apple recently released a new set of AirPods called the AirPods Pro. Read our in-depth Airpods Pro review here. These top picks of AirPod accessories are based on the non-Pro or standard versions of the true wireless earbuds. I'll be adding more picks as new AirPod accessories appear and will put together a separate round-up of AirPods Pro accessories.


1. Yeezy 350 Boost Shoe Box Airpod Case


clear airpod case

Stylish, Sleek Silicone Design. Grab a Pair to match your Yeezys.

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2. Off White Hard Airpod Case


cute airpod case cover


airpods case blog

"Off White on an Off Night"
Off White has become the most popular brand of 2020 and the year just started. Rocking this brand just makes you automatically exclusive, not to mention it protects your precious Airpods and you get a cool photo of Mona Lisa.

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3. Bape "Shark" Airpods


best airpod pro case cover

Be the cool kid on the block with these best sellers. We're not sure if its the fact that this brand sells out as soon as it hit the shelves making it incredibly desirable or the unique shark logo. Either way, must haves.

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